If you believe in God, acknowledge that the greatest gift he has given you is freedom. The freedom of choice, the freedom of thought and imagination, expression and action. The next time you pray, ask not for anything but thank him heartily for the freedom you were given. Then resolve to use that freedom to mould your life the way you want it to be.

The power of appreciation

Received some seemingly heartfelt thanks and appreciation from customers this workday that just concluded. Though it doesn’t do much to a person like me, it does feel marginally good. Appreciation uplifts a person, strengthens relationships and motivates people to perform better. Do try it for yourselves and see the difference. Start with appreciating your Mom for a good meal, your subordinates for being good at the chores/something or even yourself for getting something right. The best way to get things done is to give positive psychological and emotional reinforcements which involves minimal cost and has a lasting effect. And management is getting things done. Just make sure you don’t overdo the pedal and therefore make them lose faith in either you, or worse, the act of appreciation.

Like doses of some exotic medicines, appreciation is best administered in small shots over an appropriate period of time to have an overall effect with the potential to propagate.

Rush (2013)

Watched Rush. This is the movie that defines grit. It once again brings to fore the argument that bad things can lead to a greater good, failures lead to success and above all, one should have the nerve of steel and that stubborn determination to charge through every goddamn thing in their way and achieve what they truly desire.

Talking about racing, this movie is ruthless in reminding how dangerous a sport Formula 1 ‘was’. Beneath all the pomp and the engine music lay a well of death. The drivers back then have to be greatly admired for their zeal which surpassed their humane fear. F1 is much more safer now, thanks to the advancement in technology. And F1 remains one of the two most favourite sports of mine, alongside football, for it appeals to the intellect. Every detail matters in here, and just one additional twist of a wrench or a kink in the design makes a difference of one thousands of a second, the value of which only F1 fans know!

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I believe ‘time’ is a pseudo-dimension, a mere shadow of the three dimensional space we see. It is an expression of the change we perceive in the net quantum state of an object. There is no time when it comes to an object that is perfectly still, right down to the quantum level, which however is highly improbable.

Having said this, I don’t know much about quantum physics or even physics for that matter! I don’t even know if similar kind of views already exist. I just want to say that I was influenced by none.

ANR passes away!

Akkineni Nageswara Rao, one of the greatest men this land has produced, passed away. Though he was 90, Cancer was something he did not deserve. His contribution to Indian Cinema will never be forgotten nor will he be. RIP, great man. You still live and will, as long as Indian Cinema does.

1 – Nenokkadine

Finally done with “1 – Nenokkadine”!

Sugar, spice and everything nice, but Professor Utonium accidentally added a mysterious substance – Chemical X!!

The movie is a beautiful combination of Fight Club, Shutter Island, Memento (which I haven’t watched, so I rather say Ghajini) and innumerable other good flicks, blended with a dash of “The Departed”, haunting background music, songs with beats borrowed from Manisharma, who in turn borrowed ‘em from God knows where, a hot model-turned-actress, typical mind boggling fights and yes….the Chemical X – Sukumar’s love for psychopathy!

And thus we have “1”! An ongoing boggle-fest conceived by a director who doesn’t know why he made the film, an actor who doesn’t know why he played the lead, an audience which doesn’t know why it watched and liked/hated the film, and me…who doesn’t know why he’s pulling out the control rods out of the confusion reactor.

The Hobbit: An Unnecessary Trilogy

It is highly unlikely that your audience will watch the same movie thrice. What if you split it into three, and release them in 3 consecutive years? 3 blockbusters, 3 billion dollars (May not be accurate to the last dollar/box-office stat but drives home the point, doesn’t it?)! This is what Peter Jackson and party are doing to us. Putting us in a pony-wagon for a journey from New York to Washington in the 21st century so that we consume a lot more of his muffins than we would on a regular flight.

If you cannot unclench his fist, grab his neck!

RBI may again hike rates, Rajan to go ahead with squeezing the economy’s neck trying to force it to loosen its grip and let go of the inflation. While he’s doing the best within his capacity, the onus is on the government to ease supply side constraints and cut unnecessary spendings and subsidies.

However, a 0.25 bps hike may stun the economy – slowly unwinding its wrath, and also further lowering the IIP (knocked down by 1.8% already). Even as Dr. Rajan consistently hiked rates since he took charge, consumer price inflation did hit a 9 month high.

No good signs on the horizon as the government shifts its focus to the elections just like Sauron’s eye shifting its gaze from Frodo on Mount Doom to the armies of men at the gates of Mordor. It didn’t end well.

Prisoners (2013)

Prisoners is an interesting movie. You must watch it for Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal’s wonderful performances as a “normal”, frustrated guy, and a worn-out Al-Pachino-esque detective (add “respectively”, if you are a grammar nazi)! The movie somehow reminds me of Insomnia and of course, Titanic! Yes, Titanic. In a thriller. Watch it and you’ll, probably, know why.  All in all, a nice thriller to watch when you feel you badly need to take a couple of hours off, which shouldn’t include introspection!