Moore’s Law

Almost all of you must be familiar with this very famous law – that the number of transistors on Integrated Circuits doubles every 2 years. This essentially means that computers get faster and smaller with time, which is and has been undeniably true. There have been and are some variations, but the general law still applies. But I opine that we will reach a point in the near future (another 50-100 years), where this growth of smaller transistors slows down and finally comes to a halt. And then, as the need for computing power increases, we will see devices getting bigger. Yes, kind of a reversal. The line in the graph stabilizes (it doesn’t fall, make no mistake). But that doesn’t mean we will be back to the era of desktops. Mobile and wearable computing will still be there, but their development may only be cosmetic. This will only impact large projects that need enormous amounts of computing power (bitcoin mining, for example. :P) to meet the ever growing demands of the human race. The stabilization maybe followed by a spike with some intervention, if you know what I mean. 😉

Intelligence is more of a problem than a gift.

You cannot enjoy things. For example, you cannot digest scenes from a movie where a giant robot that can easily be carried by 6 choppers goes to the bottom of the pacific ocean and survives a nuclear blast wave that could easily displace more than a 100,000 tonnes of water, but not a 2500 tonne one-legged robot. Further, it survives the force of that massive amount of water taking it’s place back, with just minor damage to the hull.

See, now you know how disgusting it is. Not the movie, the human brain.