In India, “juveniles” can brutally rape and kill a woman, and get away with a 3 year sentence to a “special home”.

The rapist (hereinafter referred to as “the kid”) was old enough to rape and torture a girl. Was old enough to commit a¬†heinous¬†crime, neither compelled by circumstances nor by justifiable needs. But not old enough to be subjected to exemplary punishment.

Having said all this, what exactly would be “exemplary punishment”? Hanging the kid? Chopping his genitals off (or making them inactive through a process which is completely reversible)? It differs from person to person and ranges from peeling his skin off to subjecting him to the same treatment he and his companions meted out to the poor girl. We cannot just come to a consensus on this. Period. But the courts can, and they have decided to give the kid free accommodation, food and education for 3 years.

The decision may be challenged, and whatever the outcome, one must realize that “judgement” differs from “punishment”. As for me, I would say: May he be tortured emotionally every minute, and may he live long. Very, very long.