Finally done with “1 – Nenokkadine”!

Sugar, spice and everything nice, but Professor Utonium accidentally added a mysterious substance – Chemical X!!

The movie is a beautiful combination of Fight Club, Shutter Island, Memento (which I haven’t watched, so I rather say Ghajini) and innumerable other good flicks, blended with a dash of “The Departed”, haunting background music, songs with beats borrowed from Manisharma, who in turn borrowed ‘em from God knows where, a hot model-turned-actress, typical mind boggling fights and yes….the Chemical X – Sukumar’s love for psychopathy!

And thus we have “1”! An ongoing boggle-fest conceived by a director who doesn’t know why he made the film, an actor who doesn’t know why he played the lead, an audience which doesn’t know why it watched and liked/hated the film, and me…who doesn’t know why he’s pulling out the control rods out of the confusion reactor.