Watched Rush. This is the movie that defines grit. It once again brings to fore the argument that bad things can lead to a greater good, failures lead to success and above all, one should have the nerve of steel and that stubborn determination to charge through every goddamn thing in their way and achieve what they truly desire.

Talking about racing, this movie is ruthless in reminding how dangerous a sport Formula 1 ‘was’. Beneath all the pomp and the engine music lay a well of death. The drivers back then have to be greatly admired for their zeal which surpassed their humane fear. F1 is much more safer now, thanks to the advancement in technology. And F1 remains one of the two most favourite sports of mine, alongside football, for it appeals to the intellect. Every detail matters in here, and just one additional twist of a wrench or a kink in the design makes a difference of one thousands of a second, the value of which only F1 fans know!