The Hobbit: An Unnecessary Trilogy

It is highly unlikely that your audience will watch the same movie thrice. What if you split it into three, and release them in 3 consecutive years? 3 blockbusters, 3 billion dollars (May not be accurate to the last dollar/box-office stat but drives home the point, doesn’t it?)! This is what Peter Jackson and party are doing to us. Putting us in a pony-wagon for a journey from New York to Washington in the 21st century so that we consume a lot more of his muffins than we would on a regular flight.

Prisoners (2013)

Prisoners is an interesting movie. You must watch it for Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal’s wonderful performances as a “normal”, frustrated guy, and a worn-out Al-Pachino-esque detective (add “respectively”, if you are a grammar nazi)! The movie somehow reminds me of Insomnia and of course, Titanic! Yes, Titanic. In a thriller. Watch it and you’ll, probably, know why.  All in all, a nice thriller to watch when you feel you badly need to take a couple of hours off, which shouldn’t include introspection!